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Social Responsibilities

Our policies and practices

Based on the company's recognition of the importance of its role in the Kuwaiti economy and society, Coast has developed a social responsibility policy and procedures. It believes in social responsibility as a principle that leads to the sustainability of the benefit to its shareholders and all the parties involved and seeks to establish a practical model in this regard based on the fundamentals of the market, manpower, environment and society.

Our chosen CSR strategies encourage Coast to make a positive impact on the Kuwaiti community. Special emphasis is placed on supporting and sponsoring events geared towards empowering young Kuwaitis to make informed career choices, and to encourage creativity. On-the-job internships are high on Coast’s priority list as those represent the first building block for a rewarding career.

Coast seeks to be an active community player in other areas such as teaming up with organizations with a good social cause such as blood banks. To that end, Coast seeks to identify the worthiest projects, in which to participate which will have the most positive impact on the community.

It is planned that all CSR activities will be given ample press coverage to inform the public about Coast’s role in serving the community.

Coast’s CSR activities and policies are an integral part of our corporate mission and public identity. This determines how we aim to project ourselves and what message we want to deliver. Additionally, Coast’s Board of Directors and Management place a big emphasis on serving the community by undertaking meaningful community services activities. Senior management will actively support any undertaken initiative by making public appearances via print and broadcast media.

Identified Set of CSR Activities:

Offer internships for university students to receive on-the-job training by rotating them across all departments within Coast.

Arrange for the Kuwait Blood Bank to receive blood donations from interested Coast employees.


Community Program

Coast Investment and Development Company sponsors the first marathon of its kind in Kuwait "Night Run" on April 14th at Murooj where runners ran a 5km distance at night. Other sponsors included health gyms, healthy foods and supplementary companies. Read more..
Inline with the Company's social responsibility towards the Kuwaiti economy and society, Coast has upgraded the computer lab of the College of Science at Kuwait University. Photo: Mr. Thamer Al Nesef, Coast CEO and Mr. Mohammed Al Qaoud, SVP Support Group Read more..

Environment Program